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Methods and Products Used

Cars are first taken in and disassembled.

All components are labeled and inventoried.

All Sheetmetal work is done by removing all Rusted areas, and replacing them with New Pans or Patches.

All Paint is removed along with old Body Putty.

All Welded Repair Seams are Sealed with Waterproof Seam Sealer.

Base Body Putty is applied to the Steel to bring out the basic shape of the car.

Car is then Prepared for the Primer coats.

High Build Primer is applied which is a soft liquid Filler to be sanded off.

High Build Primer is sanded off using long Hand Blocks to remove the small waves and imperfections.

This will also remove the “Waves” found in most factory quarter panels.

Epoxy Sealer is now applied to entire car allowing all surfaces to accept the base color coat in a uniform way. (Metallics will lay flat when applied to bare steel verses standing up when applied to a porous surface like body putty.)

Base Color is applied with as many coats needed to hide primer.  This depends on the color.

Clearcoat is applied after Color has “Flashed” out all of the solvents. (This Charger has a Vinyl Top)

All Clearcoat after “Curing” is Wet Sanded by hand to remove imperfections and “Orange Peel” Texture.

Car is then Buffed with Multiple Polishes and pads to achieve a mirror finish.

Remaining Components go through the previous steps.

Assembly Begins by installing restored Components.

Glass, Interior, Drivetrain, and remaining components are restored or replaced.

Finished Car is now Photographed and Appraised.

Appraisal allows for Insurance and Loan Approval.

Buyers can now choose a method of Delivery.

1. Bring your Own Trailer.

2. Delivered to your Location in my Enclosed Trailer.

3. Hired National Motor Carrier.